12,000 Churches join Billy Graham’s MY Hope Evangelistic Outreach: Reaching people Relationally Jesus

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LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss how over 12,000 churches have joined Reverend Billy Graham’s, My Hope Evangelistic outreach.  Billy Graham’s Evangelistic Association has been spread out across the nation for over a year working with churches, pastors and individual believers for the outreach in November.  They are emphasizing strong interpersonal relationships as a way to share the gospel; the good news of Jesus Christ.  The idea is that the believer would minister to friends from a relational stand point maybe get together for a cup of coffee, show a 30 minute video of Billy Graham  sharing the gospel and they share their personal testimony at the end.   John, Greg, and Pat continue to discuss that people don’t care who or what you know until they know how much you care.  It has been said that one of the biggest reasons for retention in the some church expressions is because of the relationships they have formed.  They continue to share how God was manifesting his presence and blessing among them as they have seen the goodness of God first hand in employment, raises, homes… it’s all because of the Lord’s favor.  God is committed to you; He loves you.   He is not the “man upstairs” or “your co- pilot”. He is the lover of our souls.  God rewards faith.  Raise your expectation level when you honor Him.  He is the one who is blessing the work of your hands.  

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