Abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s wife says she is sorry for her part in this horror


LISTEN NOW!John, Pat and Chris share about the prayer they have been praying for some time now, “Dear God end abortion, send revival”. They discuss how Kermit Gosnell an abortionist in Philadelphia was sentenced to three life sentences for three late term abortions; the jury found him guilty of murder.   His wife Pearl Gosnell was sentenced to 7 to 23 months for her involvement.  Pearl pleaded guilty to taking part in illegal late term abortions, racketeering, and conspiracy according to the Blaze.  “Pearl said, that her husband’s refusal to apologize to his victims meant that he was taking the “cowardly” path, philly.com reports.  For her Pearl says “I’m sorry for my part in this horror, she added “My husband is in jail forever, which is where he should be.”  John, Pat, and Chris continue to share how Pearl took a very important step and how important it is for us to forgive others especially when they are acknowledging their sin.  God is answering the prayers of his people.  Repentance is the only way.
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