LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat share how many today are throwing money at problems.  Money is used so many times to clean up a mess or fix wrongs but money and other things people lean on are not always the answer.  Our default setting should not be anything else accepts seeking the Lord.  Acts 3 shares an account where a crippled man was sitting outside the temple begging.  The Bible doesn’t speak to how long he had been there but we can gather that he has been there begging for some time.  He resolved in himself since he did not have any legs that his source of provision can only come from begging.  One day this man saw Peter and John approaching the temple and asked for money.  Peter replied, “Silver or gold I do not have but what I have- I give you.”  They encourage us that when we don’t have anything our answer is not in more money or things but in God.  Peter had Jesus on the inside of Him and what was on the inside of him touched what was on outside of him.  The man was healed and jumped up immediately.  Peter had something that was much more valuable than silver or gold; He had the one who holds everything in the palms of his hands.  If you have Jesus you have everything. 

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