Justice is Coming; the Floodgates are open: Benghazi Terrorist Attack; CBN News Reports

screen capture from CBN.com

LISTEN NOW! The floodgates are opening and it appears that justice is coming for those who lost their lives in the Benghazi Terrorist Attack September 11, 2012. CBN reports that 3 men from the State Department testified before a Congressional Hearing yesterday saying that there was not enough done to save the lives of these Americans that were lost. “The committee’s labors to uncover what happened prior, during and after the attack matters,” Ed Nordstrom, the State Department counterterrorism officer, testified to refute comments made by then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. It was awesome to see these men stand up for what’s right and representing “We the People”. We thank God for these men and continue to pray for them. We believe God is answering our prayers.

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