Radical Islam has turned Nigeria into the killing fields for Christians

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how Nigeria has become the killing fields of Radical Islam as they have killed more Christians than in any country in the world.  According to CBN the Muslims are not just killing Christians but they are killing any Muslims that are sympathetic of Christians.   It is being reported that no other country is prepared for religious war like Nigeria.    They continue to discuss that just like Hitler was used to progressively take the Jews down even to their death this same hatred is being waged against Christians in Nigeria.   You cannot mix Christianity and Islam; the two don’t mix they are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  The presence of Christianity is the antithesis of Islam.  According to the Koran they will either have to convert to Islam, enter into servitude, or be killed.  Satan hates “JJ” Jews and Christians.

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