Are you Grumbling and Complaining to God? Is it working for you?


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve share about grumbling and complaining to God.  They discuss how everywhere you look these days somebody is complaining about something.  People complain about the weather, where they live, what they drive, where they work you name it they complain about it but should this be?   In this highlight they discuss the root of where complaining has its origin as they discuss the journey the Israelite took and their grumbling and complaining to God.  They found out that God indeed does hear your complaining and He will give you what you want, you just may not want what you will get.  They share the importance of understanding that it’s not about us but all about Him.  God doesn’t revolve around us we revolve around Him.

VFNRadio First Hour June 21, 2013
The Constitution- The Original Intent and Purpose 3 of 6

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