Fear of the Lord: Obeying God for Who He is



LISTEN NOW:  John, Pat and Steve share about the fear of the Lord and obeying God for who He is not just for what He says.  They continue to share from Joy Dawson’s book, “Intimate Friendship with God through Understanding the Fear of the Lord”, in the book Joy shares  that “ God wants to bring us to the place where what He tells us to do is not nearly  as important as who He is who gives the order.”    If we put the emphasis on what He says than we are tempted to analyze what He tells us to do and see if it something that is agreeable to us instead of just obeying God and keeping that decision out of our head.  The safest and right place we can be in is in the humility and the fear of the Lord.
VFNRadio Second Hour June 24, 2013
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