No Preacher is Coming; The WHOLE church is going out Medom Madsen

LISTEN NOW!  John, Pat, Steve and Chris discuss the Global Outreach day that mobilized Christians to share the gospel in over 200 nations.   They continue to discuss the possibilities of a nation being won for Jesus in a day.  It’s going to take the whole church participating in evangelism each one doing our part to reach the world.  Charisma news quotes one of the leaders as saying “no preacher is coming; the whole church is going out. “  The first global outreach resulted in the mobilization of 8 million Christians and 3 million people giving their lives to Jesus.  They continue to speak about the importance of the whole church participating in the harvest and being a part in what can be a great awakening. 

Where is GOD? Here, There, EVERYWHERE
Are you Materially Rich and Spiritually Poor?

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