300th Day for Pastor Saeed in an Iranian Prison; Pray for the Persecuted and the Persecutors

Screen Capture from CBN.com

LISTEN NOW! John, Greg and Pat share how Pastor Saeed has spent 300 days in prison in Iran for preaching the Gospel.  CBN reports “The 33-year-old pastor finally received medical treatment Saturday after suffering for months from injuries inflicted by prison guards.”  They continue to share how Pastor Saeed is one of many Christians today that are being persecuted for being Christians.  Pastor Saeed continues to remain in prison for his refusal to deny Christ.   They continue to encourage us to pray for the persecuted church and for the persecutors a like.  In regards to the persecuted church that Jesus would be glorified in their suffering and for their persecution to be redeemed for God’s greater purpose and for the persecutors themselves to have the same encounter with Jesus that the Apostle Paul had when he was Saul and persecuted the church.  Only prayer can help them both.

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