Despite Signs of Recent Economic Progress: No Great Recovery less we repent


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve discuss that despite the signs of economic progress there will be no great recovery less we repent of our sins.  They discuss a recent economic forecast delivered by CBN “the gross domestic product was 15.4 percent, below a “normal” growth trend.” 

“To get back to that 3 percent trend, we would need 4 percent growth for 15 years, or 5 percent growth for eight years, or 6 percent growth for five years, not the disappointing twos and threes we have been racking up recently,” “It’s not a recovery, it’s not even normal growth. It’s bad.” They continued to share many of the prophetic words, dreams, and visions that the Lord has shared about the coming financial collapse less the church and America repents and turns back to God.  They discuss unless we turn back to God and honor him we are headed to captivity. 

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