Former NY Met Darryl Strawberry; turned life around and now ordained minister


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LISTEN NOW John, Pat and Chris discuss how former NY Met’s baseball player Darryl Strawberry has been set free from drug addiction and is now an ordained minister.  John shares that when he was a young teenager he enjoyed watching Darryl Strawberry play as he was a great player and was sadden when he found out what had happened to Darryl.  Today, Strawberry is set free and is ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ and no longer wants anything to do with his former life as a baseball player.  Strawberry says, “That person is dead.”   The mission statement for Strawberry Ministries reads, “Restoring lives and Relationships through the power of God and the process of change.”   They continue to discuss how important it is to move pass from who you use to be so that you can live life for how God wants you to be. 
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