God takes the Case of the Poor

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how God takes the case of the poor in this wisdom moment found in Proverbs 22:22-23.  “Do not exploit the poor because they are poor and do not crush the needy in court, for the Lord will take up their case and will plunder those who plunder them.”  A generation that forgets the poor has forgotten God.  When we lose God’s perspective on those who lack, or are in need, we lose our perspective of Him, His heart and His defense of the poor.  It’s so important to God how we treat the poor and needy that if we don’t treat them well, lend to them, help empower them and assure they get justice and refuse to exploit them … GOD HIMSELF says He will take up their case and will plunder those who plunder them.”
They continued to share that when we see a corporation or business for example get sued in court for making their money off harming someone who has become a victim of their exploiting practices and a major judgment is placed against them for millions of dollars which will be given to this victim; that would be defined as “they are being plundered”  It’s best that we are kind to the poor because in turn we are being kind to God. 


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