Something Good is Happening in EGYPT; 1400 Kids go into the Desert to Pray


Courtesy of Aleksandar Mijatovic/

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Greg discuss how everything we see is not always what is happening and how there are things happening behind the scenes.  They continue to discuss how there has been many things happening in the Middle East in the last couple of years especially with the Arab Spring.  Egypt in particular saw their leadership overthrown and saw the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power with President Morsi being elected.   And then again on the anniversary of Morsi taking over the leadership of Egypt, some of the largest protest the world had ever seen was taking place in Egypt when millions took to the streets demanding his removal.  Since then a new government is in place but there is something else that is happening in Egypt, Egyptian Christians are praying.   According to CBN “More than 1,400 children gathered in the Egyptian desert recently asking God to change them and their nation.”  The hope is in the young people crying out to God.  Something good is happening in Egypt, continue to pray.

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