What’s the Most Important Interaction of Your Day?


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LISTEN NOW!  John, Pat and Chris share about what is the most important interaction of your day?  They continue to share how Jesus is the perfect example for us to follow in all things but in particular his prayer life.  Mark 1:35 we find out that Jesus went out very early to pray in a solitary place.  Our day is filled with countless meetings, interactions, and conversations but our most important interaction we have all day should be with God when we connect with him through prayer.  It is during that time of prayer that God will often help us to discern the good thing from the God things in our lives.  It’s also during our time of prayer that God imparts to us hope, love, and joy.  We were made to fellowship with God and to encounter Him in such a way that changes our lives forever.


VFNRadio First Hour July 22, 2013
Rethinking Church- Not Us and Them, Just US

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