Dream Encounter changes hate filled Muslim man to Lover of God and Israel

screen capture from CBN.com

LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss what happened to Umar Melinde that transformed him from a Muslim filled with hate to a lover of God and Israel.  Melinde had a dream where Jesus appeared to him.  In the dream he saw himself and those in Islam going to hell and Jesus told him what he must do.    Melinde gave his heart to Jesus and was used in winning many Muslims to Christ.  As he shared the love of God and his love for Israel not everyone was excited and there were those who wanted to do him harm.  According to CBN, Melinde reports “My conversion from Islam and my love and promotion of the love of Israel in my community taught the people on the other side to haunt me and to hunt me for a kill,” he said.  Melinde was attacked by two Muslims with buckets with acid because he heard God’s voice he was able to turn his face and only half of his face was scarred with the acid and he lost one eye.  He continues to share the love of God and the love of Israel and says the best way for someone to show Muslims love is to share with them the gospel. 

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