Make sure you are not hooked on a Feeling


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LISTEN NOW Greg, John and Pat discuss how much of the church today is hooked on a feeling when it comes to doing anything for God.  They desperately desire to feel something before they do instead of doing something in faith and them possibly feeling.  They continued to discuss the power of incubating faith and the four dimensions to walking out what you are believing God for.  One of those steps is to have a burning passion.  They discuss that the burning passion is for what you are believing God for that has not yet manifested into existence because it was birthed in faith.  You don’t need a burning passion for what God has already told you to do. Make sure you are not hooked on a feeling just step out and trust God whether you feel it or not. 


VFNRadio First Hour August 14, 2013
You can be Ready for the Day of The LORD

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