Mexico Adopts Policy that brought 14 Million Mexicans out of Poverty


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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how the country of Mexico was able to adopt a policy that brought 14 million Mexicans out of poverty.  They continue to share comments made by the former Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. at the Re-Inventing Communities, Business, and Education session at the Biennial of the Americas International Festival.  He shared that Mexico adopted a policy that would give finances to the mothers of impoverished families.  The money came with expectations which were to keep the children in school with a certain GPA and take the children to the doctors.  What they found was that the money distributed with expectations did two things.  It took care of a present need as well as empowers the next generation to get out of poverty.  They continued to discuss the numerous benefits of having programs that just don’t help out but also help people with a hand up.
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