New Iranian President but nothing has changed; Iran still Accelerating Weapons Program Stanfield

LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat, and John discuss Iran’s new President Hasan Rowhani, however nothing has changed.  Iran is still accelerating their uranium weapons program according to recent statements made by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  According to CBN Prime Minister Netanyahu said in the two months since Rowhani was elected, Iran has installed 7,000 new centrifuges. “The centrifuges will keep spinning.  This isn’t a secret,” he explained. He added that Iran’s new president boasts that is his strategy.  It is being reported Iran’s new president says: I talk and I smile, and I enrich uranium.”  The uranium is being enriched to produce nuclear bombs.  Iran is bent on the destruction of Israel.  They continue to discuss about Israel’s efforts of communicating this real and present threat as loud and often as they can.  We must stand with God and with Israel as faithful watchmen on the wall.
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