The Story Behind the Story of the 2 State Solution Israel and Palestine and why some feel like it won’t work


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LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss the story behind the story of the 2 state solutions between Israel and Palestine and why some feel it won’t work.  According to the Blaze Israelis and their supporters have begun to voice fears that that peace talks sponsored by Secretary of State John Kerry… could have the dangerous side effect of sparking new violence, as has occurred in the past when the past talks failed.”  They continue to discuss the repeated attempts Israel has made to agree to a 2 state solution even when it would have put them at a disadvantage and every time the Palestinians not only rejected the 2 state solutions but would often respond with violence.  In a good faith gesture before the talks have begun Israel agreed to release over 100 terrorists from prison who have planned and executed terrorist plots against them.  Israel is only 1/800 the size of the Arab world and yet this small country in size is the object of such terror and hate in the Middle East.  They continue to share how it is difficult to negotiate with someone who has not intentions of working things out.  They encourage us not to be dismayed but to agree to stand with Israel and support public policy that is in favor of the United States lone ally in the Middle East.

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