What Sharia Law looks like in Great Britain; Will America be next?


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss how a U.S. judge that barred the state of Oklahoma form adopting a measure that would ban its state courts from considering Sharia law under any circumstances according to Charisma News.  They continue to discuss what Sharia Law looks like in Great Britain.  The answer to what Sharia law looks like in Great Britain according to CBN is “Stoning for adultery, amputations for theft, death for apostates and second-class status for Christians and Jews.”  Women are being treated as second class citizens and their voice is hardly heard.  Sharia courts operate outside of the British common law.  Right now in the United States according to the Center for Security Policy in Washington there are more than 50 court cases in at least 23 states that have seen conflicts between Sharia law and American state law as stated by CBN.  They continue to discuss America already has its own laws which are defined in the Constitution guaranteeing the rights of every U.S citizen.  They encourage us to appreciate what we have in America as it is presently being threatened. 

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