Is it Deja vu? 50 Years Later President John F Kennedy and Russian President Nikita Krusheven Sereda

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss whether its deja vu that 50 years after the President of the United States John F. Kennedy and Russian President Nikita Krushev met together and here we are again, United States President and Russian President together on the world scene.  They continue discuss an event that occurred in the 60’s where Russia was carrying nuclear weaponry on submarines off the coast of Florida.  At some point some of the nuclear weaponry that the Russians had leaked and horrifically killed some of the Russian sailors.  They continue to discuss the intense moment when the United States drops 55 gallon depth charges to surface the Russian submarines and at that moment the captain could have launched a missile that would strike Florida but what ran through his mind was what his fellow comrades just experienced when nuclear waste leaked on them.  That touch of humanity kept those missiles from being launched.  We have been here before and now you have the President of Russia Vladimir Putin writing an opened letter in the NY Times rebuking not just our President but Americans because the President represents us.  Are we revisiting history 50 years later?  Our hope is only in God and His mercy.


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