Southern Baptist Convention President says The Bible Belt is Collapsing

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the recent statement made by the Southern Baptist Convention President Rev. Russell Moore, reported by CBN, when he said the Bible belt is collapsing.  “We are not Americans first. We belong to another kingdom, and we will stand and speak for that kingdom,” he said in a recent report in the Wall Street Journal.  They continue to discuss it, God and country in that order.  It’s one nation under God.  They continued to share the importance of the Kingdom of God.  We don’t worship the Bible but the God of the Bible.  It’s time to remember those who have gone before us and who have been sold out to God and have given themselves completely like General Booth founder of the Salvation Army.  This was a man who wore two suits one to wear in parades while people would throw garbage and food at and another for him to preach in.  If we humble ourselves there is hope for a Third Great Awakening to sweep the land. 

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