Syrian Crises: Threats of Retaliation Made, Time to Pray, Crescent Moon and Star September 8, 2013, is it a sign of looming war for U.S.A.?

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss and share more insight into the Syrian Crises as they discuss recent threats that have been made if the United States strikes Syria.  We must understand that what we are seeing is spiritual wickedness on so many fronts in this conflict.    When we are able to understand that satan
An Islamic Nations Flag
is behind much of what we see, we can begin to have empathy for others and in this case those who are called to lead.  Jesus didn’t come to condemn the world but to save it.  The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.  He loves chaos, mayhem and destruction.  They continue to discuss how several prophets and leaders in the

body of Christ like Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets and in particular James Goll are seeing this as a great time to pray for the nation and Israel as it all seems to be held in the balance.  God is warning us but prophecy is useless when it is history if
Is this a sign over America?
September 8, 2013 Crescent Moon & Star
we don’t respond to it in the season it was given.  We mustn’t take prophecy for granted.  Even in the heavens above God is speaking as they continue to discuss how they saw last night a bright crescent moon with one star next to it.  This is the symbol for Islam.  They discuss how “Christian Breaking News” reported that there will be great retaliation to

Americans, Ambassadors, government officials even the President’s own family.  They are threatening our President if the United States takes action in Syria.  We should be appalled by these threats and commit time to get educated on what’s going on so we can pray according to the Lord’s will.



Crescent Moon and Star, September 8, 2013, Photo by William Meloy, of Pace, Florida
Is this a sign as war is looming for America in the Islamic Middle East?

It wasn’t until the Ottoman Empire that the crescent moon and star became affiliated with the Muslim world. Legend holds that the founder of the Ottoman Dynasty, Sultan Osman I, had a dream in which the crescent moon stretched from one end of the 

earth to the other. Taking this as a good omen, he chose to keep the
crescent and make it the symbol of his dynasty. There is speculation
that the five points on the star represent the Five Pillars of Islam, but this is pure conjecture. The five points were not standard on the Ottoman flags, and it is still not standard on flags used in the Muslim world today.

The Ottomans also used a flag with a crescent. When the first Ottoman Caliph, Selim I assumed power, the religious flag and the national flag were separated.[1]

 While both flags featured a right facing crescent, the national flag
was red and the religious flag green, and, at a later date a five-pointed star was added.[1] This type of flag has become the de facto Islamic flag, and is used, with variations, by multiple Muslim lands such as Algeria, Azerbaijan, the Comoros, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Uzbekistan, and the Western Sahara.[1] As the crescent and star have no religious significance however, some Muslim scholars are against attaching these signs on mosques and minarets or using them to denote Muslim societies.  (SOURCE)



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