ANTI Faith Sentiment On a HUGE RISE

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how anti-faith sentiment is on a huge rise.  The objective of those who express their anti-faith sentiment is to remove God from anywhere he is given glory.  There is a spirit behind all this.  CBN reports about a new survey conducted by The Liberty Institute where they found that cases of anti-faith sentiment had doubled from last year.  One such case involved a college student who was asked by her supervisor to remove her cross necklace because it might offend incoming college freshmen.   They also shared a recent interview between Luke Russert, reporter for NBC, and Brody File as they discussed the media bias against people of faith.  They continue to share that if you say you are a child of the day and you have not faced persecution it may be time to examine if you are trying to live as a child of the day and as a child of the night.  Is Jesus really the Lord of your life? In America we have not yet begun to experience the persecution that has taken place amongst believers all over the world.  It’s about kingdoms and you need to know what kingdom you are in.  Kingdom of God or the kingdom of the enemy, but you surely can’t take residence in both kingdoms at the same time.
Saul Saul Why are you ‘Organizing’ Persecuting Me?
VFN Radio Second Hour October 15, 2013

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