Don’t Be Deceived: Disciples make Disciples, Francis Chan

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LISTEN NOW!  Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of not being deceived; disciples make disciples.  They continue to discuss the conversation that David Plat and Francis Chan have over this very same issue.  Francis, author of Crazy Love and founder of, speaks about the children’s game Simon Says and the children follow but today the church doesn’t do what Jesus says they regard God’s word as mere suggestions.  They continue to share the importance of not to be quick to say that someone came into the kingdom but rather to wait on fruit in their life that points to the fact that they indeed have come into the kingdom.  They continue to discuss the importance of not focusing on mouth statements but action.  It’s important not to just hear God’s word but to put God’s word into practice.  There must be implementation of God’s word in our life if we claim to know Him.  It’s worse to claim to know the light, God, and his word and not do what it says because you are just deceiving yourself.  They continue to encourage us to abide in God’s word and to do what God instructs us to do. 
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