Invest in the Kingdom of God the Safest Place for your Investment Dollars


LISTEN NOW! Greg shares how we were contacted at VFNRadio by a member of our television audience about the word that was shared regarding martial law and the coming financial collapse.  Although Greg does not hold licensing credentials regarding economics or finances he shared some wisdom from his own personal experience.  He shares how after coming back from a sabbatical, an extended time away with God, in which he wanted to have a clearer understanding from the Lord regarding what he should do personally with his finances in light of all the economic news and what God has shown him and others is coming.  God showed him that the safest and best place to invest money is in the kingdom of God where “light” is being shared in the darkness.  He encourages us to go all in on God so that many will hear the trumpet. 
Government Shutdown Day 16: We are at the Cross Roads what will it be? Who Will You Serve?
VFN Radio Second Hour October 16th, 2013

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