The Persecuted Church: Of All Religious Persecutions Around the World 75% are Christians Snowden

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the persecuted church in the world. They continue to discuss the religious persecutions of Christians worldwide. According to CBN, “North Korea tops the country list each year as the worst persecutor of Christians. If discovered, North Korea believers are arrested, tortured, and killed for their faith.” It’s not just North Korea it’s also countries like Pakistan and Somalia who are some of the greatest perpetrators of such horrific persecution of Christians. The persecuted Church around the world meets undercover.  They worship in whispers and even cover their heads to muffle the sound.  If they are caught they are arrested, beaten, tortured, and some are even beheaded. Some of the Christians who have been persecuted don’t pray for the persecution to stop but rather for them to remain faithful in the midst of such persecutions. They encourage us to pray daily for the persecuted church.They also suggest this is our outcome for Christians living in America for rejecting God. When the church gets it right the land and the people are blessed. This can be avoided if the church repents and gets under Jesus. 
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