Dear God send us Players not Fans : Are you a Player or a Fan?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss asking God for players and not fans.  They discussed how many people today enjoy being fans of their favorite sports team.  They wear their favorite player’s jersey, shout in the stands and are filled with adrenaline as they watch as if they were on the field themselves as a player.  Today many Christians are fans and not players on the field.  They show up to all the conference/ stadium events get their “player devotional” all while they watch and see       “their “favorite “players”.   There is a distinct difference between players and fans.  They further discussed how David was a player.  He stepped up to the plate while the rest of Israel was hiding out instead of fighting the Philistines and Goliath.  The fans were
hiding behind the rocks.  They further discuss the difference between fans and players and one of those things is that players are willing to throw off anything to get in and stay in the game.   They trained physically and make adjustments in their diet and prepare themselves to do whatever they have to do to play in the game.  Players are ready to take orders from God.  They encourage us to throw off a religious spirit.  Religion wants to destroy you.  Do not be merely deceived.  Paul beat his flesh so he would not be disqualified.  Players do not think it strange to do what God called you to do.  Run your race with perseverance, don’t let sin entangle you get free and get in the game.

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