God is not Dead; He’s ALIVE

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LISTEN NOW!  John, Greg, and Pat discuss how God is not dead but ALIVE.  They discuss how there is a lie that satan has been trying to spread through many people that he has been able to hold captive that God is not alive.  You can hear these lies in the media and on colleges all across the country.  These are satan’s futile attempts at discrediting God.  In view of this they were excited about a new movie set to be released in the spring of 2014 called “GOD is not Dead”. The movie takes place on a college campus where an atheist professor gives out an assignment where the students need to write on a piece of paper that God is dead.  One of the main characters is in the class who is a Christian refuses to comply with this assignment which infuriates the professor and a battle emerges.  The story now becomes about how the student needs to prove that God exist if he is going to pass the course.  Just from the trailer alone we find that God is lifted up.  In Matthew 16:13-16 Jesus  asks’ the disciples who do they say I am? Then he directs his question directly to Peter and He asks him; who do you say I am?  You are the son of the living God.”  God is indeed alive and He will take residence in your heart if you invite him in. 

 http://vfntv.com/media/audios/highlights/2013/nov/11-01-13/110113HL-6%20Gods %20not%20Dead.mp3
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