Hard Times Soften- Hard Hearts



LISTEN NOW Greg, John, and Pat discuss how hard times soften hard hearts.  Many people today don’t want to see hard times come but neither do they want to see hard hearts.  Trying to hold things back will only allow the hearts to remain hard.  Hearts are going to be softened.  Financial hard times will come to America unless we repent.  The stock market will take a hit and come down but it is important who the stock market represents.  The stock market represents countless Americans across the country who have their investments and retirements invested in stocks.   God is going to deal with America.  God has shown us that in six minutes our world will be over as we know it as the stock market crashes.  When electricity stops you can’t see, when blood stops flowing no more life, and when the money stops flowing everything stops.  It’s better to repent on this side and to put your help in Jesus alone. 


Great Church Leaders will Emerge from Minorities; Jim Bakker
VFNRadio Second Hour November 21, 2013

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