National Wholesaler Costco Labels the Bible as Fiction; Is this telling of our Nation

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how national wholesaler Costco labels the Bibleas fiction.  This was first identified according to CBN news when a pastor from Simi Valley California walked into a Costco and saw how they disgraced the word of God.  They continued to discuss that one never knows who was behind such a thing it could have been anybody however they see it is just indicative of the views of Americans and Christians alike when according to the Barna group 81% of professing Christians don’t even read the Bible.  It makes mockery of men like William Tyndale and John Wycliffe who gave their lives for us to have a Bibletoday.  The Bible is so real that Satan is terrified of it.

Costco Apologizes for Labeling Bibles ‘Fiction’
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