Time to Follow Jesus’ Example: Grow in Wisdom and Favor


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how it is time for Christians to grow in wisdom and favor just like Jesus did during his time on the earth.  It’s impossible to say we love Jesus and not seek his favor.  It’s impossible to think that we will grow in wisdom, favor outside of abiding with Jesus.  As Christians we must be willing to step outside of our mobile devices and begin to pick up books to read and learn.  We are going to need a good perspective when it comes to understand the times in which we live in.  They also shared how important is not to just hear the news but to know what do with the news you hear.  When we recognize and understand that it’s not about us and that it’s all about Him, we will lend ourselves to position ourselves so that we can grow in wisdom and favor with God and man. 

 http://vfntv.com/media/audios/highlights/2013/nov/11-01-13/110113HL-4%20Time %20for%20Christians%20to%20learn%20and%20grow%20in%20wisdom.mp3
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