You didn’t Build That!, Part 1


 LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the phrase President Obama said when he said you didn’t build that.  Many at that time were offended by that statement because they automatically took that statement to see how it affected them but not the greater context of the history of this country.  At the same time they discuss what occurred in Egypt when this present administration empowered the Muslim Brotherhood that resulted in the removal of then Egyptian President Mubarak.  As a result we see radical Islam persecuting Christians.  We empowered that!  In President Obama’s first international speech in Cairo Egypt he said he felt it was his responsibility to defend Islam from negative stereotypes.  We are reaping this today in the assaults that have been perpetrated by radical Islamist against Christians.  They continue to discuss the President’s comment that “You didn’t build that”; if you didn’t the question is who did?  Unless America and the church repents we are about to see us pay for the sins of our fathers. We are dealing with so many contradictions.  There has been a large part of American history that has been omitted from what has been taught in schools.  So much so that different colleges have been created to teach some of the darker things that have been done in our history as a way to learn from the past.  Greg continues to share a how the Lord showed some in detail some of the injustices that have occurred in America.  America it is us; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  When we turn our back on God he will raise up servants who don’t walk with him to discipline his people.  God sees all the ill-gotten gain.  God is just.      

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