Black Friday- Stampede For Purchased Products Imagine what will happen when things are FREE: Is this who we have become? Frazao

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the mayhem that took place around the country on a shopping holiday called “Black Friday”.  They continue to discuss that although the holiday is called Black Friday because it signifies a period in time when many retailers actually make a profit in the year they believe that black Friday is black and dark for a different reason.  They  continue to discuss their reasons as they aired 3 minutes of a six minute video of continuous mayhem involving American citizens stampeding through stores.  They ran over people, fought each other, and tore open packages and even vandalized property all to receive 25 to 50 percent off of merchandise they were going to buy.  They further discuss how if this is what Americans are doing when they are willing to pay imagine when things are promised to them as free or they feel justified in taking something that doesn’t belong to them.  They continue to discuss their concern based upon what the Lord has shown them.  What will people do when the economy collapses and there is nothing left in stores.  Will they head to your house?  God will prevent this if we turn our hearts back to Him.

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