How do you Love God Today? Find Out What Your Friend Needs Spiritually; Share with them what God is saying through VFNRadio


LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat discuss how we can love God today.  We can simply find out what our friends need spiritually and share with them what God is saying.   They discuss how the 2 hour VFNRadio program is sliced up into segments like fresh bread so they can be easily shared through multiple platforms especially the VFNRadio app.  They discuss the power of social media today that so many in Egypt credit Facebook helping them get free.  So much so they named one of their children Facebook.  We have been working day in and day out so that together we can win a nation for God.  This can be your ministry, sharing these slices of fresh bread through the app or through social media.  Imagine what it would be like to share timely words of truth and encouragement to those who are in need.  The way we can love God is to find out what our friends need dig into the huge resource that is available on and share it.  Imagine how many lives will be changed just by sharing.


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