National Debt 17 Trillion and Rising but What Does A Trillion Really Look Like and What Does It Mean?

LISTEN NOW!Greg, John, and Pat discuss how the national debt is $17 trillion dollars and rising and what exactly does that look like and more importantly what does it mean.  Today the national debt is $17 trillion dollars which breaks down to $54,000 per citizen. In order to have a better perspective as to what $17 trillion is they make some comparisons to give us perspective.  If the debt was compared to seconds on a clock we can begin to understand what $17 trillion looks like.  
For instance if one million dollars in seconds would take 12 days to pay the one billion would take 32 years and one trillion would take 32,000 years.  At 17 trillion it would take 554,000 years to pay.  We are in trouble.  America has made money to buys its God.  They continue to discuss a poem that was engraved in a church wall.
You Call me mighty, then do not honor me.
You call me noble, then do not serve me.

You call me rich, then do not ask me.

You call me Savior, then do not praise me.

You call me the Way, then do not walk with me.

You call me wise, then do not heed me.

You call me the Son of God, then do not worship me.

When I abandon you then, do not blame me. 
The question remains; is America under God’s judgment? It’s not what you call Him it’s what you say in your heart.  Dear God, end abortion send revival!

Congresswoman Says Her Biggest Job in Washington is Ministering
VFNRadio Second Hour December 17, 2013

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