Nothing Sweeter Than the Presence of God

VFNKB Bashkatov

LISTEN NOW! Pat, Greg, and John discuss now there is nothing sweeter than the presence of God.  In this abiding moment Pat shares how the Lord has spoken to him through Rick Joyner’s book, The Torch and the Sword.  They continue to discuss the importance of abiding and how it was revealed to Pat that when things in life become too heavy for us to carry it’s because we have left abiding with the Lord.  They continue to discuss the reason they are able to do what they are doing is not because of their talents but rather because of grace and favor that is on their lives as a result of abiding with Jesus.  If things becoming heavy in your life and you can’t carry what you once were able to carry in God it’s time to evaluate your abiding time with the Lord.  There is nothing sweeter than the presence of God that will carry you through any and every situation you find yourself in.

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