Phone Type “ Prayer Booths: 100,000 prayers a Week Reduce Crime Rates in Kansas City


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how “phone Type” prayer booths in Kansas City have reportedly had a profound effect on the reduction of crime in Kansas City.  These prayer booths, which resemble phone booths that were so prevalent prior to the wide spread use of cell   The prayer booths even include a roll down bar where one can kneel while they pray.  “The Christian Post” reports that 100,000 prayers a week are prayed at these booths that have been scattered across the city.  According to “Topeka News” some of the booths were installed in inner city areas with high crime rates several years ago, and city   They continue to discuss how Muslims pray in public all the time and encourage Christians to be bolder in their prayers.  Phone prayer booths are a great start. confirms that crime has reportedly reduced in those areas in a proportionate manner to the number of people using the prayer booth.”
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‘Phone Prayer Booths’ Attract 100,000 Prayers a Week; May Be Reason for Reduced Crime Rate in Kansas City

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