Reverend Billy Graham’s Son says his Father’s Health is in Decline

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LISTEN NOW! As Greg, and Pat discuss how Franklin Graham, Reverend Billy Graham’s son, says his father’s health is in decline.  According to CBN News “Graham told Charlotte station WSOC-TV at a Christmas charity event, “My father’s health has declined quite a bit in the last few days. I’m not even sure he knows Nelson Mandela has passed away. He hasn’t been able to get his strength back. Vitals are good. He’s just weak and at home.” They continue to remind us of the mantle that is on Billy Graham’s life and when he goes to heaven the prophetic word is that his mantle will spread across the world.  They encourage us to remember this day and appreciate the sacrifice others have made to have this mantle.  The harvest is coming.  Please continue to pray for the Graham family.  

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