Prediction’s for 2014, 700 Club’s Pat Robertson’s Word for 2014: Greatest Year for the Church

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the “700 Club” and CBN (Christian Broadcast News) founder Pat Robertson as he shares a prophetic word regarding the New Year 2014.  Every year as the Lord allows, Pat goes away to his cabin to seek the Lord and to hear prophetically for the coming year.  They continue to discuss how Pat’s word is confirming to what they understand regarding what lies ahead.  It’s going to be some of the best and worst of times.    Pat shares his word in humility and says that he sees…

          The world in chaos
          Financial collapse as a result of what happens with China’s economy
          Iran will have a nuclear weapon by the end of the year
          Republicans will take control of Congress but will not have enough to override  Presidential veto
          President will be severely hindered in terms of his agenda
And will be discredited greatly
          For the Church a great move of God
          Greatest Year for the Church
          Every day believers will be used in extraordinary ways by God
          Islam Retreating
          Greatest thing to do is to Love
They continue to encourage us to get discipled so we can be used in the coming move of God and get prepared to minister.
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Pat Robertson Sharing Word for 2014
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