Pastors in America Standing for Imprisoned Pastor Saeed in Front of the White House

 LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how pastors in America are standing together for imprisoned Pastor Saeed in front of the White House.  CBN reports that the pastor share that “Part of our obligation as ministers is not just proclamation, but demonstration,” Rev. Keith Tucci, with the League for the Defense of Christian Pastors, told CBN News before he was arrested in front of the White House Monday afternoon.  “We believe that our culture is dying for a model and we also believe that there are many courageous men in the pulpits in America who understand that it’s time to act now,” he said.  The pastors will stand every Monday in front of the White House risking being arrested to stand in solidarity and in hopes of prompting President Obama to take action in encouraging Iran to release Pastor Saeed.   Do your part to stand with Pastor Saeed at  

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