Israel Unveils New Unmanned Fighting Boat To Patrol Israel’s Shores


screen capture from Israel Aerospace Industries IAI
LISTEN NOW!  John and Pat discuss Israel’s latest weaponry in protecting Israel’s shore.  They discuss what is called a USV, Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle also known as “Katana” according to the Jerusalem Post.    It functions a lot like an unmanned drone airplane with the difference it’s a boat.  According to the “Jerusalem Post”, “IAI’s, Israel’s Aerospace Industries Katana is a multifunctional vessel and “marine system” that provides various capabilities such as advanced communications, weapons systems and varied payloads.”  They continue to discuss that Israel will do what it has to do to defend itself and no one should underestimate the willingness and capability to do so.  They encourage us to continue to pray for Israel and not to dismiss the eerie silence that is coming from the Middle East at the moment.  They remind us to stay alert and to watch and pray.


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