Are College Students Paying Huge Student Loan Debt for some College Professors to Blaspheme God?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how college students may be paying for college professors to blaspheme God with the huge student loan debt.  They discuss how Senator Rand Paul how just recently spoke at Berkeley College told students that they need to make sure they can find a job upon graduation that merits the amount of money they are borrowing in student loans.  They continue to discuss how our education system needs to be reclaimed.  They further discuss how many Jews and Christians are being persecuted on college campuses and the high percentage of them that lose their faith while in College.  They share how the new movie in theaters now called “God is NOT Dead” is about the persecution Christian students go through on college campuses.  They encourage us to rethink how we get educated and where we choose to spend our dollars.

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