Breaking News! New York City Building Explodes in East Harlem


 LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat break news and discuss the explosion in NYC in east Harlem that resulted in a collapse of a building resulting in a five alarm fire.  Some have even reported seeing a neighbor fly in the air and an 8 year old severely burned as of now 15 people are reported as injured.  Earlier reports indicate that locals in the area were smelling gas.  They continue to discuss the Jerusalem Post reported of a similar incident in where a man who wanted to commit a terrorist attack on Jews cut the gas line in an attempt to blow up a building.  We are thankful to God it was discovered before anyone was injured or any physical harm could be done.  They continued to remind us that God is the one who protects us.
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Atleast 2 dead, 17 injured in NYC building explosion, collapse in East Harlem,police say
East Jerusalem man planned to blow up homes in capital as revenge against Jews

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