Burning Man Tickets Sells Out in 45 Minutes

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LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and John discuss how tickets for the burning man festival sold out in just 45 minutes.  The burning man festival takes place in the Nevada desert where some people from all over the county dance around naked in front of an estimated 75 foot tall burning structure in the shape of a man.  This is nothing less than pagan worship as they do all kinds of debauchery acts.  The burning man was actually displayed as one of Google’s first logos.  They continue to discuss how this is not a place for Christians to be and encourage us not to show up to places like this unaware as.  They caution us regarding judging those who attend these festivals as the Bible is filled with the people of God doing paganistic worship i.e. dancing around the golden calf.  We are called to love people and offer them the truth and to lead them to worship the one true God who truly loves them and is eager for them to know Him. 

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Burning Man Tickets Sell Out In Just 45 Minutes

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