Don’t get tripped up by the Messenger if the Message is True

VFNKB A Jackson

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of not getting tripped up by the messenger if the message is true.  Sometimes minsters can be familiar with the very Word they preach and teach.  They begin thinking about how the Word, Bible, addresses issues for others without first applying it to their life.  That is extremely dangerous and something that the Pharisees were all too familiar with.  They further discuss how in Exodus 19 Moses went to the top of Mount Sinai to meet with God and he was told to warn the people and the priest that they must consecrate themselves or the Lord will break out against them.  The Gospel must apply to your life.  What you preach must line up with what you do.  Even Jesus told the disciples regarding the Pharisees to do what they say but do not do what they do.  Truth is truth.  They remind us not to get tripped up by the messenger if the message is true.  Often times because people get offended they throw out someone’s teaching because of what they did.  If the message is true keep the message.  It’s not between you and them it is between you and God.

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