VFNRadio Second Hour March 12, 2014


Celebrating the Prophet Bob Jones
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat celebrate the life of Bob Jones as they discuss the impact of Bob’s life and ministry and how his ministry has affected millions.  Rick Joyner and others have shared that they don’t know anyone who promoted their ministry less and has had such a profound impact in the Kingdom of God other than Bob.  Bob Jones died before and he shared that he was in a line for heaven where just 2 % of the people were in the line and Jesus asked him if he learned to love the other line was the remaining 98 percent who did not learn to love.  This is very similar to what Howard Pittman wrote about in his book the Placebo.   Howard had died and was taken to heaven and saw that there was only a small percentage that was going to make it.   Bob shares how Jesus told him that he would be sending him back to earth to speak into the lives of men that God would us to bring in the harvest of one billion souls.  They continue to discuss some of the stories and prophecies that Bob Jones gave to many men of God that came to pass.  During the night of Bob Jones’ Memorial several of his spiritual sons spoke of their relationship with Bob and how God used him powerfully in their lives.  Mike Bickle recalls the day Bob walked in his office for the first time.  Mike shares that Bob prophesied to him almost 20 years in advance the ministry he would be doing today, International House of Prayer.  Bob told him that he would have 24 hour worship and prayer and that people in China will be standing in rice patties holding little TVs in their hands watching what was happening.  Bob even told him that his ministry will be on President Harry Truman’s property.  Over 20 years later everything Bob told Mike would happen did even the ministry acquiring President Harry Truman’s property completely free as a gift.  They continue to discuss the significance of being President Truman’s property since it was President Truman that recognized Israel as a nation throwing the full weight to the United States in declaring so.   Allegedly President Truman did so because he remembered that his mother taught him as a child that whoever blesses Israel will be blessed.  They continue to share how the body of Christ has lost two Generals within one month, Prophet Bob Jones and Evangelist Steve Hill.  Bob fathered many men of God some of which shared stories of Bob including Mike Bickle, Rick Joyner, Paul Keith Davis, Bobby Conners, Todd Bentley, and Bill Johnson.  Bob had a remarkable gift yet he was remembered as one who loved the word of God and was himself a man of love.  The Lord showed Bob that before he died he would see the beginning of one billion souls that would come into the Kingdom of God in one wave.  These are some amazing times as we prepare our hearts for the next outpouring of God.

     Breaking News! City Building Explodes in East Harlem
Greg, John, and Pat break news and discuss the explosion in NYC in east Harlem that resulted in a collapse of a building resulting in a five alarm fire.  Some have even reported seeing a neighbor fly in the air and an 8 year old severely burned as of now 15 people are reported as injured.  Earlier reports indicate that locals in the area were smelling gas.  They continue to discuss the Jerusalem Post reported of a similar incident in where a man who wanted to commit a terrorist attack on Jews cut the gas line in an attempt to blow up a building.  We are thankful to God it was discovered before anyone was injured or any physical harm could be done.  They continued to remind us that God is the one who protects us. 

Financial Coming CYBER ATTACK
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how it’s not just important to know the news but to know what to do with the news you know.  They discuss how as a society and country we have become so dependent on technology.  President Bill Clinton has been quoted for saying “it’s the economy stupid”.  America has made money her god and it has allegedly been said that the terrorist of 9/11 knew that and that was the reasoning behind the attack.  According to CBN “America is vulnerable to more terrorist attacks but not the kind you might expect.  According to security expert Kevin Freeman cyber-terrorists are poised to launch a massive assault on the U.S. economy.”  This attack will affect many Americans.  Kevin Freedman the author of Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack warns of two things one being a cyber- attack on our financial system and EMT that could just come in and blow everything up.  They continue to discuss what Kevin shared in regard to the many strategies and attacks that are coming from other nations naming China as one.  Kevin shares that they understand that best way to hit America is not against her military but through technology.  They continue to remind us to exercise wisdom in terms of finances and to even print things out that prove what you own and what you owe.  They continue to share how the focus is not on stopping it because this great vulnerability but rather what to do in bringing it back.  They also encourage us to take the time and to make an effort to back up your computer because the time will come when you need to be able to access your data.


Evangelist Steve Hill Memorial Service, WATCH LIVE, Friday March 14, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. Central Standard Time
VFNRadio First Hour March 12, 2014

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