VFNRadio Second Hour March 28, 2014


         After Near- Death, Woman Claims Heavenly Conversation with Jesus
LISTEN NOW! John, Steve and Pat discuss a report from Fox News8 regarding a near death experience where a woman and a man share their heavenly experience.  In the video, a fire fighter shares how he had a heart attack and was clinically dead and lived to share about his experience.  He says that he saw a gradient light like looking at flat horizon on a cloudless day and felt perfect peace.  A woman felt this incredible warmth and after she was able to see Jesus clearly and without him speaking a word she could hear Him say to her not now not my child and the next thing she knew she was waking up in a recovery room.  They even interview a doctor who was skeptical at first of these occurrences but upon his research found there was more statistical evidence that proves them real. One such case regarded a man who was blind and after his near death experience was able to describe the operating room in full detail and what occurred.  They continue to discuss the experience of death and going to heaven that Howard Pittman describes in the book Placebo.  They also discuss Bob Jones experience when he first died and the Lord sent him back from heaven and what Jesus asked him in heaven.  Jesus asked Bob did he learn to love?   They remind us that the question is what will happen to you when you die and where will you go?  They remind us that if we are not sure we can be sure by making Jesus the Lord of our lives today.

        Slow Your “Judging” Role
 John, Steve, and Pat discuss the importance of slowing down and not being quick to rush to judgment.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 25:8 “What you have seen with your eyes do not bring hastily to court, for what you will do in the end if your neighbor puts you to shame?”  In other words everybody sees something about everybody.  There are always those people who think they actually saw something and feel like it is their job to point out what they see.   This is so important because if you continue to judge you are likely to suffer the same fate if you hastily go around trying to bring people to some justice.  We must remember that if God has allowed us to see something or hear something rest assured it is not so we can be critical or judgmental.   God did not call us to judge but to love.  Mother Theresa said “If we spend all of our time judging people we will not have any time to love them.”

         Ray Comfort, Produces Noah Movie based on Truth

 John, Steve, and Pat discuss Ray Comfort’s movie about Noah in response to the Motion Picture Noah.  “Charisma News” reports that “in noting that their Noah movies are very different, Comfort explains why Hollywood’s version may be bigger but believes his version is better.”  They remind us of the importance of not relying on motion pictures to understand what is written in the Bible but instead to take the time to abide and spend time with the Lord.  


Ray Comfort, Produces Noah Movie based on Truth
VFNRadio First Hour March 28, 2014

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