I Will Bless Your Food & Your Water, IF You Worship Me; God’s Word Reveals How to Prevent Famine and Drought

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of getting our worship to God right.  Many geographical areas across the United States have suffered drought as predictions of food drought have been predicted and broadcasted.  At the same time we in Numbers 20 a direct correlation between “right worship” before God and God’s abundance provision of food and water.   According to the Barna Group a great majority of Christians surveyed reported that they believe church worship is about them.  A high percentage of Christians have the wrong worship going on at the same time they are asking God to bless their food and bless their water.  A great majority are worshiping themselves.   You have an expectation for God to bless your food but God says you must worship Him.  God told Moses to tell the people to worship him and he will bless their food and water.  Is it possible that the water dried up because your worship has dried up?   Today there are songs in abundance but all the while true worship is lacking.  They encourage us to get our worship right and see how God will bless his people.


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