10 Year Old Boy Does an Incredible thing that Causes Kidnapper to Release Him Unharmed

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LISTEN NOW! John, Steve and Pat discuss the incredible thing a ten year old boy in Atlanta, GA did when he was kidnapped.  The young boy, Willie Myrick, was reportedly abducted from his driveway and was then dropped off some three hours later unharmed.  The reason he was dropped off is because he would not stop singing the song “Every Praise” written by Hezekiah Walker.  They continue to express their gratitude to the Lord that the young boy was not harmed as well as encouraged by how this young boy continued to sing in his captivity.  They remind us of the importance of protecting the entrustment God has given us with our children.  Willie could have been singing any song in his heart but instead that bleak day he sang the song in his heart that he had learned in church.  Thank you Lord that we can worship you and be released from anything that threatens to detain, capture and hold us in captivity
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Kidnapped 10-Y-O Boy Sings Hezekiah Walker’s ‘Every Praise’ Gospel Song for 3 Hours Until Abductor Let Him Go

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